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Package Design and Die Making

Step 1: Product Prototype Development

die making
One of the services that The Die Shop provides is package design and product prototype development. We use computer aided design to create custom product packaging. Our packaging services goals are focused on helping customers to promote their brand and their product; to protect and present the contents; to enable efficient packing, handling and distribution; and to communicate required information on the package (and often within the package).

We can help you achieve these goals.

Our Package Design Services Include:

  • Structural Engineering of the Package:
    • We offer editing services for existing package design.
    • For new packages, we can create package die-lines from supplied information and/or files; we can develop prototypes; produce dies; die cut the packaging materials; crease; laminate; laser cut; foil stamp and/or emboss the package (with some limitations due to caliper and/or materials).
  • Product Prototyping
    • We can build one, or many, prototypes of the package required. For example, create a prototype of the box, a sleeve and two inserts or create several versions of the box or package to address specific assembly criteria (e.g. no glue compared to glue).
    • On newly designed prototypes, we recommend performance testing the prototype through anticipated hazards. For example, if the product is a glass bottle and is to be shipped some distance in its package it is necessary to determine that it can arrive without breaking in its package. It's important for us to have a very clear understanding of the package's purpose: is protection the number 1 criteria in design; is branding; is functionality? Ranking the criteria in order of importance provides us with necessary guidance for the engineering of the package.

The Die Shop provides a number of services: die making; package design, engineering and consulting services; and product prototype development and testing. Additionally, we offer die cutting, foil stamping, embossing, debossing, gluing, folding, cutting, stitching, perfect binding, kitting and assembly, and handwork services.

Package Design Gallery

  • small box sample
  • gift box sample
  • cosmeceutical packaging
  • packaging samples

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