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The Die Maker:

and The Art of Die Making

The Die Shop ensures that each die maker who works for us is thoroughly trained to understand the art and craft of die making. To create a quality steel rule die, we start with a CAD drawing (or other design element) and often use prototype tools and techniques to test the design.

If you need dies for your projects – we make dies, exceptionally.

The Die Making Details

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Die making starts with the creative … and ends with a steel rule die board that will be used to cut the shape you've designed. While precision and accuracy is absolutely integral to the die making process, so is the art of making the die.

Most often we receive creative in a software file format and work with a CAD drawing to produce the finished design for the die. We work in close consultation with you to ensure that the custom made die reflects what you want and need.

We use the best available hard wood for the die board. The die maker uses a laser to precision-cut the design into the board; then cuts the steel rule, bending it and inserting it precisely into the board, and ensuring the right height and depth, bevel and thicknesses. We finish the die by making sure that the steel rule is 'rubbered' with accuracy to ensure just the right amount of support, depth and release when the die is used to cut your design from the substrate. Each step of the process must be completed with skill; this process is a craft that requires talented and experienced technicians to translate your design into the finished product.

We can die cut a variety of substrates: paper, corrugated packaging, cardboard, foam core, Styrofoam, decals, Mylar, vinyls, magnetic and most plastics (our capability to cut thicknesses of substrates varies with each material; contact us to for more information on the product you plan to die cut).

Your project will require specific rule thicknesses, rule heights and accuracy tolerances. We have inventory of 1 pt., 2 pt., 3 pt. and 4 pt. rule thicknesses for dies that are used for cartons, labels, stickers, P.V.C., paper, leather, gaskets and seals. We can special-order steel rule thicknesses for your specific needs. We are able to supply rule heights from 0.918 up to 1.25". We work with you to develop the right combination between rule height and die board thickness to give you the depth you need for your specific project.

The Die Shop offers a variety of bevels: center, long and side bevel. And we offer three wood die board thicknesses – ½", ¾" & 5/8" – and can offer ¾" plexiglass die board. If you want to die cut a substrate that we have not worked with before, we recommend that we test your material and determine its suitability for cutting with our steel rule dies.

Our experienced die making department enables us to produce your dies quickly and accurately. Creating dies is a craft that requires meticulous and accurate work; dies must also be designed to most efficiently cut the desired substrate with precision and with minimal waste and cost.

Dies are made to produce flat shapes (unlike tool molding for more dimensional shapes). When you need a die made for your special project, we will work with you to ensure that the die created specifically meets your needs.

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