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The Die Shop:

Highly Experienced Die Makers and Die Cutters

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The Die Shop is a division of Pacific Bindery Services Ltd. and is located in Metro Vancouver, British Columbia. We produce cutting dies for customers around the world. Our die makers create precision steel rule dies for a number of industries: including printing, packaging, automotive, health care, energy, electronics, and more.

In 2012, Arkwel Industries integrated with Pacific Bindery Services Ltd. (PBS). The die making services that Arkwel provided for numerous years are now available from The Die Shop, a division of PBS.

In 2013, we relocated the Arkwel equipment, people and services and set up The Die Shop at the Pacific Bindery Services location: 870 West Kent Avenue, Vancouver BC (for a map of where we are located visit our Contact Us page).

Steel Rule Dies

Creating dies is truly a craft that requires meticulous and accurate work; dies must also be designed to most efficiently cut the desired substrate with precision and with minimal waste and cost. Our dies are made to produce flat shapes (unlike tool molding for more dimensional shapes).

We produce dies for custom die cut gaskets; package designs, boxes and cartons; custom die cut labels and decals, custom die cut stickers, stencils and signs, and much more. (In addition to making the dies, we also provide related services, such as product prototype development, and die cutting and kiss cutting services for a number of different substrates.)

When you need a die made for your specific project, we will work with you to ensure that the die created meets your unique needs. A talented die maker crafts dies. Diemaking is an art, as well as a science, and requires highly talented and experienced craftspeople or die makers. We invest in training and development of staff: from apprentice to highly skilled die maker.

In addition to die making, we die cut (using a laser to cut the die lines), kiss cut, and laser cut (specifically designed for those finely intricate and detailed jobs where die cutting is not the best solution) an assortment of substrates for a variety of industries. We can also develop product prototypes for testing. For example, with the dies that we make, we can custom die cut gaskets, business cards, decals, magnets, labels, packaging (including cartons and boxes, design, engineering, and consulting), and more.

The features, advantages and benefits of our custom manufacturing processes provide you with the confidence that your projects will be completed on time, on budget and with the quality that you need and expect. Die making is both an art and a science; there is unique value in this die manufacturing craft.

We also provide a wide range of finishing and bindery services for the printing industry. Some of these services include foil stamping; embossing and/or debossing; laminating; D-taping; pocket folding; kitting, assembly and handwork; packaging; cutting; folding; perfect binding; mechanical binding; stitching; glue folding and more.

Use our Contact Center for more information. Ask for The Die Shop Manager to find out more about our die making services or for a production review and to request a quote.

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To find out more about our wide range of finishing and bindery services, visit Pacific Bindery's website.

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